Criminal Consequences Of Habitual Offenders And How A Legal Advisor Can Help

16 August 2022
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Judges consider several factors before deciding on the punishment to offer crime suspects. For instance, they assess the defendant's criminal record and past convictions to know the penalty and jail sentence to offer them. Often, culprits with multiple convictions for committing the same type of crime or those with multiple past convictions get a harsher judgment. Therefore, if the police arrest you and you're a habitual offender, you may want to hire a criminal defense attorney to fight for you. In addition, their intervention might help you avoid the following criminal consequences. 

Consequences of Habitual Substance Abuse Offenders

Many people who abuse illegal substances usually engage in crime, especially if they don't have money to buy drugs. Some also commit crimes after taking drugs or alcohol. In addition, many people take prescription medicine and then commit a crime while not in the right frame of mind. These offenses might make you get a severe punishment when you appear in court several times. However, it's important to note that each case is different, even when facing charges for the same crime. Therefore, you need to enlist the services of a legal advisor to build a defense for your case. They will then represent you in your case to convince the judge not to offer you a severe punishment.  

Consequences of Habitual Offenses Connected to Mental Illnesses

A defendant's criminal record provides a lot of information, including their past convictions for driving under the influence, drug possession, and criminal conduct because of a mental illness. This condition makes people commit crimes when they're not in the right frame of mind. Their problem also makes it challenging to make appropriate decisions in particular situations. That's why many people who suffer from this condition continuously engage in crime even after getting severe punishments after conviction. People who have an addiction problem also commit different crimes when they're impaired.

It might be unfair for a judge to offer you a harsh judgment after realizing that you have a drug addiction problem or a mental condition. Your lawyer can help you avoid harsh judgment by building a strong defense for your case. They will then raise valid arguments that convince the judge that you require treatment for your condition instead of another punishment. Therefore, they will ask the judge to offer you probation so you can serve your sentence as you undergo treatment for your problem.

There are high chances that you might get a harsh judgment in court if you're a habitual offender. Therefore, you may want to hire a criminal lawyer to defend you in court. They will work diligently to protect your rights and mitigate the consequences you might face in court.

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