Avoid a Criminal Conviction by Hiring a Defense Attorney

10 June 2021
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It can be a terrifying experience when you face arrest or have accusations leveled against you. The criminal justice system can be ruthless and confusing, making it very intimidating. Moreover, some crimes can have lifelong consequences when they are part of your permanent record. All such uncertainties can overwhelm you, undermining your peace of mind. For that reason, ensure you have a criminal defense lawyer by your side following a charge. Read More 

3 Supreme Court Decisions That Narrowed The Application Of Capital Punishment

29 January 2021
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Although many states continue to use capital punishment, several Supreme Court decisions heavily factored into when the punishment could be used and which defendants could receive capital punishment. There are three landmark decisions that affected capital punishment. Atkins v. Virginia One concern in cases where the defendant is given the death penalty is their ability to comprehend the situation and thereby their amount of culpability in the crime. In Atkins v. Read More