Arrested For Domestic Violence? How To Defend Yourself Against The Charges

3 May 2022
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When law enforcement responds to a call of suspected domestic abuse, someone is probably going to be arrested. In many cases, law enforcement must overcome past issues in which they failed to act when domestic situations turned violent. Unfortunately, that means that innocent people get accused of domestic violence in many cases and are left to figure out how to fight the charges. To find out more about defending yourself against domestic violence charges, read below.

The Alleged Victims Hurt Themselves

It seems nearly impossible to believe that someone would intentionally inflict harm on themselves in an effort to get someone else in trouble, but it happens quite frequently. Some people have even hired others to beat them up or wound them with a gun to make it appear to be an attack. However, experts can often tell the difference between self-inflicted wounds and those caused by an attack. For instance, most people are unable to injure themselves in certain areas, and they might use objects to do the damage.

However, objects can leave marks not associated with an attack. Also, the angle and level of the injuries may not line up with the physical build of the alleged attacker. The alleged victim will be examined and photographed, but experienced doctors and other medical personnel know what a victim should look like and what faking it looks like as well. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer about having experts testify about the alleged marks on the victim. Doctors and others can also judge how fresh a bruise or cut may be simply by looking at it. If you have been arrested for a bruise that is already turning yellow, it probably happened several days ago and is not connected to anything recent.

Be Aware of Your Demeanor

Law enforcement may have to arrest you, but they may also realize that your behavior does not fit the usual attitude of a domestic violence perpetrator. For example, calm and reasonable people who remain compliant throughout an arrest, booking, and more, are probably more believable than those who are angry, vengeful, and difficult to control. You are always being recorded, so stay cooperative and polite throughout the ordeal.

Past Incidents

Your charges may be affected by past arrests for similar issues or anything of a violent nature. Those who have no history of domestic violence are more likely to be released on bail so that they can fight their charges outside of jail. Also, if the alleged victim has a history of making false allegations of domestic violence, then you might end up having your charges dropped if the evidence against you is based primarily on the victim's statements.

There are many avenues open to you when you are arrested. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer to learn more.