3 Guidelines To Follow In Dealing With An Operating While Intoxicated Or OWI Charge

18 January 2022
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It is a criminal offense to operate a motor vehicle or other machinery while intoxicated. When arrested, the prosecutor brings operating under the influence charges against you. These charges have serious repercussions. You should try your best to get a lawyer soon after your arrest to help you handle the case for the best outcome. Here are some guidelines on the steps to take immediately after the arrest. 

Avoid Oversharing

If the police flag you down for unusual behavior on the road and find that you are driving while intoxicated, they get the mandate to arrest you. However, before the arrest, the officers typically read your rights to you. One of the rights they read out to you is the freedom to remain silent. It is crucial to understand that information you share during the arrest automatically becomes evidence the prosecutor can use against you in court. Therefore, you should consider remaining silent until you speak with your lawyer. 

Prepare for Vehicle Towing

The police will communicate with the towing service and have your vehicle towed to safety. The cost of towing the car is your responsibility. It is advisable to talk to someone that can watch your vehicle. Their responsibility should be to ensure your vehicle does not get damaged. Also, the police might confiscate your license if you are a repeat offender or have turned down the alcohol test. A court conviction could also lead to the loss of your license. Contacting the lawyer immediately after the accident helps lower the chances of getting convicted. 

Get Bail

Once the police arrest you and transport you to the station, you will be locked up until someone bails you out. The prosecution will set up a bail hearing to decide whether you should get bail or not. The decision depends on your case and whether someone got injuries or other damage from it. Having a lawyer at the hearing will help you get bail. It is good to work on your OWI case when you are out on bail because you avoid disrupting your regular activities. 

Managing charges of operating while intoxicated is a complex process that you shouldn't handle without legal help. It is best to speak to a competent OWI lawyer soon after your arrest and have them take charge of your case. 

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