Caught With Drugs? What You Can Do to Help Yourself

24 July 2018
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If you were recently arrested for drug possession then you may be wondering what on Earth you can do. Depending on how many drugs you were caught with, if you were caught carrying a firearm as well, and any prior charges that you have will determine whether or not you will be released on bail and how much your bail will be set at. But what do you do if you do have bail that's set and what do you do until you go to court? This article will list a few basic pieces of information. 

Hire a Bail Bondsman

If your bail was set at an amount that your family simply can't afford, then you may need to hire a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will ask for some sort of collateral and then charge a percentage fee to post your bail. As long as you show up to court, then you will get your collateral back. If you don't show up to court for your court dates or if you flee the state or country, then your family won't get back the collateral they put up. And if your family put up something large like the deed to their house, then make absolutely sure that you show up to your court date. 

Hire a Drug Possession Lawyer

Everyone in the United States is entitled to an attorney and if you can't afford one, then one will be appointed to you for free. Although public defenders are great at doing their jobs, their workload is usually really full which means that they may not be able to give your case as much attention as a private attorney would. If you have the chance, hire a drug possession lawyer to represent you. Drug possession lawyers are criminal attorneys that have experience with drug cases and can help represent you throughout your entire case. Their number one goal is to ensure that you get as little time behind bars as possible. Additionally, if the drugs weren't yours, they will help show the court that you are being targeted for something you didn't do. 

Facing any sort of criminal charges can be beyond terrifying. whether this is your first offense or if you've faced charges before, hiring a drug possession attorney with experience can really help prove your innocence in front of a judge and potential jury. To learn more, contact a law firm near you.