A Lot Of Rapes In Your Area? 4 Steps To Take If This Happens To You

12 May 2018
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If there have been a lot of rapes in your area, you need to know the proper steps to take if this happens to you. Rape is one of the worse things that can happen to a person and doing the right thing afterword can increase the chances of catching the rapist and putting them behind bars. Below is information about four of these steps.

Find a Safe Place

The first thing to do is to get to a safe place. When the rapist leaves your home call a neighbor, family member or someone close to you. Have them pick you up. If you are truly afraid go immediately to a neighbor's home. Once you are in the safe place you can call the police to come to you. If you live in the country, hide somewhere in your home, such as a locked bedroom or bathroom, until your family or friends arrive.

Talk About It

Even though it will be difficult, you need to tell your family member or friend exactly what happened to you from beginning to end. This is important because you may forget some important details later. This family or friend can then testify in court about what you told them. The attorney you hire will contact this person, who will be known as the first contact witness.

Preserve Evidence

Do not take a shower after the rape because evidence needs to be preserved. To do this visit a hospital and they can take samples of what the rapist may have left behind, such as semen, hair, or saliva. Also, do not change or wash your clothes as there may also be evidence on them. This will be difficult to do as you will likely want to immediately take a shower, but it will greatly help the police if you wait to shower or bathe until you are seen by a doctor.

Contact an Attorney

Contact a sex crimes attorney as soon as you are finished at the hospital. This attorney is knowledgeable in working with sexual crimes and can start helping you immediately. They will talk with the first witness, hire an investigator to come to your home, and talk with you in length.

The attorney can work along side the police to help catch this person. If the rapist is found, you may have to go to court if the person will not admit to what they have done.

Talk to a sex crime attorney in your area and they can give you much more information.