Three Jobs You Lose The Privilege Of Having After Being Charged With A DUI

6 December 2017
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DUIs have serious consequences that many people don't realize until it's too late. For this reason, you want to hire a DUI attorney whenever you are charged with a DUI in order to either reduce charges or, hopefully, get the case written off altogether. One of the biggest privileges you lose when you are charged with a DUI is the inability to take on certain jobs. Here are three jobs that require their employees not to have any previous DUIs:

  1. Commercial Driver: The first type of job is commercial driving probably for obvious reasons. When an employer needs a commercial driver, they need someone who is reliable and able to provide safe driving that isn't going to get the company into any legal trouble. This is a threat if they hire someone who has been charged with a DUI in the past. If you are already employed as a commercial driver when you are charged with a DUI, chances are you will lose your job completely. 
  2. Professional License: If you have a professional license, such as a medical license, dental license, or any other license provided by the state board, you will likely lose that. You also won't be able to retain a professional license if you have a DUI in your background. This is because these are professional positions that require extreme responsibility that every state takes seriously. 
  3. Working With Kids: If you work with kids either as a preschool teacher, public school teacher, or especially a private school teacher, chances of losing your job are much higher if you receive a DUI. This is because those who work with kids must be responsible and schools don't want to have parent complaints that can affect the reputation of their school. 

In general, you are at risk in the future when trying to go through the process of being employed. If a DUI is seen in your background check by an employer, you will likely lose chances at the position or at least be put lower on the list of prospective choices. This is because a DUI is a reflection on your ability to make responsible choices. This is why you definitely want to ensure that you hire a DUI attorney like Angela L Walker PC to help you remove the charge completely. Keep in mind that this is much easier said than done. The chances of it happening are more likely if it's your first offense or if your attorney can prove that you were wrongfully charged.