Six Mistakes That Increase Your Chances Of Having A DWI

7 November 2017
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If you've recently been hit with a DWI, you no doubt want to avoid ever having to go through the process again.

In most states, a second or third DWI is going to have much worse consequences than the previous DWI. It's therefore in your best interests to change some of your habits to avoid a subsequent DWI arrest.

The following are six mistakes you should avoid after dealing with a DWI to prevent any future issues:

Driving after drinking

This list has to include the suggestion that you never drink and drive again. The only way to guarantee that you'll never again have to deal with a DWI is that you never have more than a drink or two when you go out and need to drive yourself home.

Driving an older car that is poorly maintained

Driving an older car or a vehicle that is poorly maintained will leave you more likely to get pulled over by police.

Older vehicles are more likely to have issues like blinkers that aren't working properly or malfunctioning mufflers that can provoke a pullover. 

Using mouthwash right before or while you're going out and having drinks

This might be a surprising suggestion, but it's important to realize that many mouthwashes contain alcohol. If you use mouthwash while you're out having a drink, it can cause your breath to smell like alcohol or increase your chances of failing a breathalyzer test. 

Being too talkative

The less you say when you're pulled over, the better. You're not required to do anything more than answer the officer's questions. Being too talkative can cause you to appear nervous or give the officer more evidence against you that's probable cause for an arrest. 

Being rude or uncooperative with cops

You're not going to make cops feel like letting you go without a sobriety or breathalyzer test if you act irritated at them. Don't talk too much, but make sure that you don't come across as impatient or angry. 

Being unaware of what the alcohol content of your drinks is

If you're going out and having a few drinks, you need to pay attention to the alcohol content of what you're drinking. These days, many beers and mixed drinks have surprisingly high alcohol content.

Pay attention to the ABV of the beers you're having, and ask the bartender about how many shots are going into mixed drinks you order. 

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