Been Stopped And Frisked By Police? Know Your Rights!

4 July 2018
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Have you been subjected to a stop and frisk by the police? Are there charges pending as a result? If so, you need to contact criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible. An experienced lawyer is the best source of information on how to proceed with your case. In general, your legal representative will probably begin by questioning the stated reasons for the so-called police "pat down." Officers are only supposed to conduct such searches for certain prescribed reasons. Read More 

A Lot Of Rapes In Your Area? 4 Steps To Take If This Happens To You

12 May 2018
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If there have been a lot of rapes in your area, you need to know the proper steps to take if this happens to you. Rape is one of the worse things that can happen to a person and doing the right thing afterword can increase the chances of catching the rapist and putting them behind bars. Below is information about four of these steps. Find a Safe Place The first thing to do is to get to a safe place. Read More 

Why You May Be Charged And Tried More Than Once For The Same Crime

16 March 2018
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A common belief is that a person cannot be charged more than once for the same crime, but this isn't always true. Here are cases in which you may be charged twice for the same crime: You Were neither Convicted nor Acquitted You cannot be convicted of the same crime only if your first trial ended in an acquittal or conviction. For example, if you have been convicted of DUI and sentenced to one month in jail, the prosecution can't charge you with DUI again even if they feel the sentence is too lenient. Read More 

Three Jobs You Lose The Privilege Of Having After Being Charged With A DUI

6 December 2017
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DUIs have serious consequences that many people don't realize until it's too late. For this reason, you want to hire a DUI attorney whenever you are charged with a DUI in order to either reduce charges or, hopefully, get the case written off altogether. One of the biggest privileges you lose when you are charged with a DUI is the inability to take on certain jobs. Here are three jobs that require their employees not to have any previous DUIs: Read More 

Six Mistakes That Increase Your Chances Of Having A DWI

7 November 2017
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If you've recently been hit with a DWI, you no doubt want to avoid ever having to go through the process again. In most states, a second or third DWI is going to have much worse consequences than the previous DWI. It's therefore in your best interests to change some of your habits to avoid a subsequent DWI arrest. The following are six mistakes you should avoid after dealing with a DWI to prevent any future issues: Read More