Hire An Experienced DWI Attorney To Aggressively Argue Your DWI Charges And To Keep You From Serving Jail Time

19 April 2017
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Laws in every state in the nation explicitly says you must not drive while intoxicated. Some people drink over the limitation that's allowed by the courts. So one day you're pulled over by law enforcement for driving while intoxicated. After submitting to a required sobriety test on the spot, the result appears to be that you've committed a crime by drinking and driving over the state limit. You're arrested on a serious felony count of operating your vehicle while intoxicated. Read More 

DUI Convictions And Entrance Into Canada: What You Need To Know

13 August 2015
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The effects of a DUI conviction can be devastating. Not only will you be required to pay fines and possible serve jail time, but your ability to enter another country could be compromised as well. If you are an American citizen, your conviction record could prevent you from entering Canadian provinces. Here are three things you need to know in order to work with a criminal defence lawyer to ensure you are eligible to enter Canada legally. Read More